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How to get to Zadar

Depending on where you travel from, we recommend arriving to Zadar by plane or by bus. Zadar airport has several low cost flights (Ryanair), mainly to western and middle European countries. The airport is located near Zadar and you can take a bus (ca 3.5 €) or a taxi (ca 13.5 €) to reach it. If there are no flights to Zadar from your town, we suggest taking flights to Zagreb or Split which are better connected and then by bus to Zadar which usually takes 3.5 hours.

- Munich: direct flight to Zadar (Croatia airlines, Lufthansa)
- Cagliari: Cagliari – Trieste (Ryanair), Trieste – Zadar (bus)
- Tartu: from Tallinn – Stockholm – Zadar (Ryanair)
- Sevilla: Seville – Marseille – Zadar (Ryanair)
- Prague: Prague – Split (Germanwings), Split – Zadar (bus)
- Padua: Ancona – Zadar (ferry); Trieste – Zadar (bus)
- Udine: Trieste – Zadar (bus)
- Cluj-Napoca: Cluj – Munich – Zadar (Germanwings, Croatia airlines, Lufthansa), Targu Mures – Brusselss – Zadar (Ryanair)
- Sofia: Sofia – Munich – Zadar (Lufthansa)
- Pecs: Pecs – Budapest – Zagreb (train), Zagreb - Zadar (bus)

Please note that the official currency in Croatia is kuna (1 kuna is subdivided into 100 lipas) and you can exchange euros practically in every bank, postal and exchange office. Exchange rate usually varies from 7.3 kn to 7.5 kn for 1 €.